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Let us do the work for you!

Are you in the midst of building a house and starting to feel overwhelmed with everything? We can help take away some of the stress. Check out the “Upload Blueprint” tool on our website. It can be found right on the homepage!  We make it quick and easy for you to get us your blueprint […]

Pendant lighting could be the solution to your problem!!!

Are you searching for a stylish lighting solution? Pendant lighting is being used in almost any style of home or office these days. Not only do they give a decorative flare in any interior, they leave you with an appropriate amount of light. They directly shine down illuminating an area perfectly without taking up any […]

Go Green with LED!

Every one is going green these days, make sure you don’t get stuck in the dark! There is a simple way to help the environment and cut down on your electricity bills at the same time. You simply have to replace your standard incandescent lamps (light bulbs) for one of the two energy-saving alternatives, LEDs […]

Energy Saving Light Bulbs – Have You Gone Green?

Energy saving light bulbs produce high amounts of lumens (measurable light) from the small amounts of energy they drain. While the initial investment in energy efficient light bulbs is highly compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, lower costs on electricity in the long run offset the higher cost. Since there is a shift towards lowering electricity […]

How to Change a Light Switch – Your Step by Step Guide

Light switches control the power to specific light fixtures and are the easiest and usually the only way to turn your lights on. In this post, we will walk you through how to change a light switch whether it is because it is defective or just needs replaced for a miscellaneous reason. First, look below […]

Properly Light the Rooms in Your Home

People often ask for general rules when it comes to lighting in various areas of one’s house. We have created a list to help people properly and conveniently light the various rooms in their homes. Living Room A basic rule when it comes to living room lighting is that one should always try to light […]