Go Green with LED!

Every one is going green these days, make sure you don’t get stuck in the dark! There is a simple way to help the environment and cut down on your electricity bills at the same time. You simply have to replace your standard incandescent lamps (light bulbs) for one of the two energy-saving alternatives, LEDs or CFLs. Both are great choices.
*NOTE: I’m referring to light bulbs by their correct name “lamps”. Bulbs are something that grow in the garden. 🙂

CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) are not only inexpensive but also lasts a lot longer than your standard lamp. Your standard lamp (60 WATT) costs about $.50 each, where an equivalent CFL (13 WATT) costs roughly $4.00 each. By spending a little extra money up front you will save some in the long run. The CFLs last, on average, 10,500 hours longer than the standard lamp!!

Another great alternative are LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lamps. They cost between $20.00-$50.00 each. Now one might ask, “Why would I choose the more expensive option?” Well, here is why.. Again, a standard lamp (60 WATT) is replaced with a LED lamp (8 WATT). That’s sizable by way of energy savings. Assuming every light in your home is turned on (inside/outside) for 8 hours a day. Your energy cost for using a standard lighting system is $3.00 per day, If you were to outfit your house with LED/CFL’s, the operating cost is nearly 70% less, averaging only $0.74 per day! Here is one more thing to keep in mind. A LED lamps lasts up to 50,000 hours which is even 4 times longer then a CFL and 35 times longer than  a standard incandescent lamp!!!

In an age where it can be difficult to both save money and go green, CFLs and LEDs are great options in achieving both ends. Between the two, LEDs are the best option for energy saving, the environment, and all around performance. They contain no hazardous material and are safe for disposal and contain no mercury. Once you’ve decided to make the switch, contact your local utility company as many offer rebates for the purchasing of LED/CFL lamps! We can all do our part to GO GREEN and why not save some money in the long run?