Properly Light the Rooms in Your Home

People often ask for general rules when it comes to lighting in various areas of one’s house. We have created a list to help people properly and conveniently light the various rooms in their homes.

Living Room
A basic rule when it comes to living room lighting is that one should always try to light three out of four corners in the room and focus at least one light on an object in the room. As a general rule of thumb, one should always use a combination of table and floor lamps to help differentiate the lighting in the room. When it comes to overhead lighting in a living room, dimmers are thought to be ideal.

Dining Room
When it comes to the dining room, the table is always supposed to be the spot in which the light is focused. Always make the table the brightest spot in the room. A chandelier or pendant is thought to be the best choice for the dining room. Indirect lighting should be used for all other areas of the dining room. Get creative and find a chandelier or pendant that can help showcase the character of the room and home.

In the kitchen, overhead lighting should always be used. Like the living room, dimmers are often thought of as a good idea so that one can crank up the lighting in the room when the feel it is necessary. Be creative and like everything, choose lighting fixtures that bring out the character of the home and room.

Bedrooms should always have “comfort” lighting. Reading lamps are often a great idea to have on nightstands next to the bed. Also bedrooms should never have too many lighting fixtures. It is important to always utilize the natural light in the room.

Side lights are a must have in a bathroom for women. Sidelights are the best lighting for applying makeup. Overhead lighting is always a nice option in the bathroom. Above mirror lighting is also a good idea. The reason for all of the lighting is to help eliminate shadows at all cost. Let’s face it. We all use the bathroom to help make us look good and we want to look as good as we can.